SMG4: SMG4 Goes Insane


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    I dont f̶͖͠ȅ̶̡̯̮e̵̥͚̬̅̅l̷͖̘͆́̓ ̷̧͖̍͆ͅs̷̻͉̈́́ọ̷͖̏͛́͜ ̵͎̄̌ͅg̴̩͕̙͆o̵̼͘͝ō̷͈͔͊d̸͓̺̉

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    Published on 15 days ago


    1. SMG4

      LIL CHONKS AND THE 10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY POSTER ARE BACK! ► Hope you enjoyed me going a lil coo coo crazy

      1. Sebastian Torres


      2. MegaSonic

        Was the avatar and Smgs continuing from the 10th Anniversary Movie

      3. Edison Wong


      4. Mr Meme


      5. Sharina Middleton

        Can someone please respond to my comment about gameboi5436:the broken PS5 I want to know what y'all think about it

    2. Diluc Ragnvindr the Darknight Hero

      **Sees more phantoms than just Meggy** _sigh_ Again with this shit?


      What happend to Kratos???

    4. Candy Clark

      Let me guess zero us SMG0

    5. Sebastian Torres

      If Smg4 Just Go Insane Is so Funny Before Starting Dance From Fortnite That's Cringe 9:49

    6. Corey Robinson

      Bruh who remembers the SMG4 episode “SMG club”

    7. Derrick Moering

      You mean..

    8. Derrick Moering

      I wanna die by eating ice cream

    9. subject nivleis

      Smg4 : who am I what's a guardian pod? The audience: if you don't know then I don't know dude lol

    10. Raine Dans

      Glad to see this channel is still chaotic as ever

    11. Sebastian Concepcion

      This part really makes me miss hobo bros 7:34

    12. n

      Stop it. Stop it. Okay?

    13. n

      Smg4 plz stop being homophobic

    14. Jace Cox

      Port aurora. Aurora subnautica confirm

    15. Lorenzo Network

      1 like = Meggy Reads comments 2

    16. ልሁዪጎር ᖽᐸᖇᖻSᗩᒪᓰS

      how i used to work on my old job 8:04

    17. Zaiden /Sonicn't

      I forgot how funny SMG4 is.

    18. David Pallais

      Pongan subtitulos que no taka taka

    19. RobloxGamer795

      7:19 top 10 saddest anime moments

    20. Makyleigh Blount

      Mario doing the dance from club penguin was the best thing ever

    21. The Parrish Show

      “Now with ninety percent less chicken meat” 😂

    22. Christopher Earth

      Meggy has gone from an Inkling to a full-on character.

    23. chicken


    24. J3diSt3v3 [J3]

      Alright, who invited the eye of Cthulhu

    25. Ben Madsen

      6:11 wii world from wii sound track and 8:10 can you feel the sunshine from tails doll curse I’m guessing

    26. Friðþjófur Tumi Daðason

      now that some funny shit

    27. The Blackout Squad -_-

      1:33 this man said bite of 87

    28. Marcin Karpina

      7:33 hobo Bros

    29. isabelle allain

      10:52 loolololollololoooloolooolololol 😅😂🤣😂😅🤣

    30. isabelle allain

      4:47 STEVE: yeaaaahhhhh! CHICKEN: your a little to heavy buddy!

    31. isabelle allain

      3:53 mine to yesterday ☹️☹️😩

    32. isabelle allain

      0:45 I can tell that 😏👍❤️

    33. ARA_Friki

      Mat pad : Firts time?

    34. Random Content

      Was this SMG4 telling us he was going through an existential crisis?

    35. Mustafa King

      هذا شخيف

    36. Gage is Me333

      Yes the Hobo Bros shout out!!!😝😝😝

    37. ChaosTheUltima

      Fnaf reference. Reply to this comment if you heard it.

    38. Jordan Rodriguez

      Hahaha, the hyperactive movement of the characters is so funny. I laughed so hard the part with the doge.

    39. Erike Henrique

      I guess Smg4 after the 10 year anniversery tried connecting the dots and try to find the answears like who is the avatar,who is zero and what are the guardien pods.

    40. DRJNantes44

      Eye of tchulu ? !

    41. Yoshi pro gamer

      no te preocupes todos te queremos smg4

    42. Vicki Sandoval


    43. The Jon Brown Show

      I think the resolution of this episode is kinda rushed with the shadow selves of the cast near the end, but I love the ending's punchline (kinda wished Mario pretended like smg4 was meggy crying in that moment 😂 just felt like it'd be more emotionally consistent as that was getting somewhere, but oh well, enjoyed the episode, intriguing arc so far, which I guess is the smg4 arc xD)

    44. The Jon Brown Show

      Was hoping for dream bopkins to stick around after the #2 joke 😅 he isn't my fav character, but I'd enjoy his company with Mario through this since he was the only "normal" person responding appropriately to Mario here xD

    45. The Jon Brown Show

      4 min in and I'm like: so the plot is Mario sniffed blue cocaine to save smg4's mind

    46. Tyru Tenishien

      Uhh... not the owner of this profile but everything changed from 2017... or 2015... I miss the old humor GO BACK IN TIME PLEASE! OKAY NEVER MIND HUMOR IS STILL GOOD. But still cool idea to go back in time again I think.

    47. AnimatorBrian _notyet

      I love the new facial expressions it looks so good

    48. CreamPuff Central

      Does that eye remind anyone else of Zero from kirby? Like, there could be some parallels if it looked a bit more cartoony lol

    49. Ethen Jennings

      It's arc time

    50. cheesy VR

      the moral is dyeing is gay

    51. Tiky the clown

      Dose anyone wonder if this video and the movie will connect to wotfi 2021?!

    52. Dewayne Wright

      Do Godzilla vs Kong

    53. Dewayne Wright

      Do Godzilla vs kong

    54. Gabriel Com G

      You are good

    55. Gabriel Com G

      Is good

    56. Kylian X8


    57. BroMann

      Now this is some good crap

    58. The BIG Oof Double 1

      And why smg3 call Mario the avatar is he holding the power

    59. The BIG Oof Double 1

      But avatar Who is the avatar is it a powerful being Who can make smgs

    60. The BIG Oof Double 1

      Well this is weird

    61. Binary Dawn

      Don't coom on smg4 tower.

    62. Gabriel Gm


    63. it's me BryanGh0stboi

      Poor Wallace

    64. Gabriel Stringhi

      Smg4 😡😡😡😤😡😡😡 aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    65. Indypendee


    66. ☢️Dummy Draws☢️

      What if avatar means T H I C C

    67. Master Player Legends

      You slap smg4 dying is gay

    68. Master Player Legends

      Hobo bros channel in smg4 channel is stupit hobo bros

    69. Master Player Legends

      I now why all people are are stupit because smg4s airship looking thing so all people are stupit

    70. Real_HenryStickman12 _YT

      1:33 SMG4: This must have happened when The Bite Of 87' Me: How do you know what that is.

    71. niko

      I'm crying seeing this and feeling like I'm going through a rough moment 10:31

    72. Andrew Gedri j

      They know nothing

    73. jame8881 jame8881

      0:56 that one npc that has a task for you

    74. Kidflashtest abdiel

      Hmmmmm let’s a go 2:48 (but how)

    75. Alex Gaming 2

      This is a wonderful intro :D

    76. Jacky Chen

      10:52 Yssssss Skblackst!!!!!!!

    77. Liam Gough

      Me: enjoying another vid Smg4: Suction cup man quote Me: "SUCTION CUP MAN LOOK AT ME GOOOOOO"

    78. Musicman 1999

      7:30 nice reference to hobo bros

    79. Braves

      SMG4 after watching 0.001 seconds of Boku no Pico:

    80. Ramirez64


    81. ThomToys Land Fans


    82. Mysterious Vagabond

      Teacher: this exam will determine your overall grade for this year My brain: 8:35

    83. Little Chicken

      Title: smg4 goes insane The actual video: Mario trying to save smg4

    84. Jonny Jr

      Smg4 fights the eye: I have the power of god of anime on my side

    85. Slach Figueroa

      WAS THAT THE BITE OF 87' 1:31

    86. JKShark 123

      i didnt know dieing is gay

    87. Luke Fiermonti

      Loved the inclusion of SAO music near the end of the vid

    88. Fertile Maple

      Doc got that blue cocaine😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

    89. 1bow transit

      0:55 Me Having A Nightmare At 3AM Be Like

    90. Lollino Damb 64

      And that's why i'm not a SMG(Insert number here) I'm LOLLINO DAMB 64

    91. jarmares


    92. Christopher Phelps (STUDENT)

      So many SMG4’s Why are there so many?

    93. GracePlaz

      Game theory could never

    94. I’m dying Inside

      Wtf is that animation in the intro

    95. Kyle Diogu

      If he slapped then hit it would be perfect

    96. Bernie Ibarra

      Only if he actually had a channel named hobo bros

    97. Victor Galvez

      *impressed beep boops*

    98. Victor Galvez


    99. Brian Ohashi

      SMG4: Listen here avatar! I posses theoris of the SMGs that visited this universe many moons ago! There from a pararrel universe! OR PUs WE CALL FOR SHORT!! But what do these guardian pods mean? What do they mean??! WHAT DO THEY MEAN?! WHAT DO THEY MEEAAA- Mario: bonks on smg4s hed

    100. Sean Garcia

      Make part two of the 10-year Smg1 and Smg2