SMG4: SMG4's Origins


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    So that's where I'm from

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    Published on Month ago


    1. SMG4

      So that's where I'm from BY THE WAY - No video next week, instead I have a SPECIAL VIDEO dropping in 2 weeks!

      1. lucky guy moon face

        Hey smg4 can you make if Mario was in boom Beach here's how it starts Mario is to broke to pay the house bill because he spend all his money on sphagetti and he decidedws to go to the military and that's how it starts

      2. Rosi Rosario

        I love smg4

      3. Nicoleta


      4. Hduduru Heheueu

        Oh No

      5. Super Mario

        @Yaki Jey ..

    2. DR - 04CT 863935 Fallingdale PS

      *One day in telletuby land (pro?) was going to commit homicide*

    3. DR - 04CT 863935 Fallingdale PS

      Cool...Finally you added ROBLOX noob's (Thanks)

    4. mr noob109

      Whit where its smg2 and smg1?

    5. Nathaniel Del Mundo

      Memes card

    6. Friday Night FUN

      So, SMG4 and SMG3 are aliens or something

    7. Lunadraws

      Smg4 hidden lore and explanations from previous behind the scenes videos explained in 9 minutes and 26 seconds


      4:08-4:12 now we know why Mario is so stupid

    9. enes çeliktas

      Sow. İş. So. Cook. İş. Silly

    10. saraa saraa


    11. A Dank Meme

      So pretty much Smg4 is the main reason the smg4 universe is retarded in the first place? Honestly it's kinda creepy when you think everyone used to act normal until smg4 arrived.

    12. Mustafa King

      هذا شخيف

    13. Internet Galaxy

      wait... smg4 and smg3 are aliens?!

    14. Ranses Grullon #30

      4:00 Mario origins

    15. Master Player Legends

      Smg4 came from space

    16. Alita Sugar Booger

      3:17 YTP's in a nutshell

    17. Your Average Communist

      There was a time Mario wasn’t a dumbass?? IMPOSSIBLE

    18. Polar007

      4:07 since that moment mario is stupid

    19. Asty Adit

      I love The Glitch Intro

    20. Mr drip12

      Pokemon anime

    21. screaming dialga

      How is justjoeking a ancient meme

    22. Akira Yuri Padilla

      One day in tele tubby land Po was gonna commit pomicide

    23. yhfhdhf


    24. Nintadso

      "Aaaaah the princess... She make my WEE-HEE go *_B O I N G"_*

    25. Kriston Landao


    26. Mushi Boi

      Mario at the end just says "Don't do drugs kids." I'm pretty sure he is the one on drugs...

    27. Daniel. Rodriguez


    28. Khrizeff Asce Oyos

      Wait joe the banana man

    29. Youtuber sloth


    30. some random doge

      Me seeing the thumpnail: hmm they should have been wondering why smg4 has 4 ears anyone else notice that btw love the vid

    31. alvinbihay hacker


    32. Dragonspine 123

      So SMG4 landed in a alternate marioverse and warped reality with the meme force in his pod and i assume SMG3 did the same with the cringe effect

    33. godzillaboi F

      Justjoeking is in this

    34. A10s Samsung

      Origin of mario being dumb

    35. Gamerdale

      So now we know, Smg3, Is just a bug in the system-

    36. Los 4 Alvarez


    37. Diavolo

      So that's why Mario become a stupid pingas after he got hit by a lazer

    38. Rowena Garcia

      Can't we at least enjoy the ONLY moment when Mario was just as normal as his games?!

    39. Alloy Dreemurr

      Don't do drugs kids...

    40. Anthony Bankston

      ALIEN SMG4

    41. Sans Fans

      4:32 what the hell mario XD

    42. Bahij Mazloum

      Woah mario wasn't stupid this whole time? And basically Smg4 is an alien that comes from Meme land?

    43. Nicholas Hong

      i thnk sMg4 from ded mems

    44. Ming Ming Account

      Oh oh ok SMG4

    45. Karel's gaming channel

      I Love beyblade!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    46. Axell Benavidez

      The Luigi was a dumb one before the M I N D change

    47. Brennon York

      What’s the sound effect at the very beginning called

    48. M.T.A.SMG4

      Hi, this comment will be different from the others. I also have my channel like you but .... well, I've found some theories about my world. To find out more about my USfilm channels, write: My theory about SMG4.

    49. Alina Tiškutė


    50. Leonardo Parohinog

      SMG4's Videos There Are Made Of Ragdoll Moves

    51. Eidan Micua

      Wait what

    52. Thananth Chea

      This is kinda dark for me

    53. V M

      So smg4’s usb made Mario dumb the whole time so if zero comes back and smg4 finds his usb that he tip it over the edge and uses it to stop zero does that mean everything will be normal like it was before I got so many questions?!

    54. Franco Gutierrez

      I saw justjoeking

    55. Aden Radcliff

      7:09 I want to die

    56. Jack Sandbox

      At least we know how Mario lost his iq, am I right?

    57. Kyle Dunn

      I wonder how Meggy would react to this?

    58. John Miranda

      Hey SMG4 what do u use to make does vids

    59. عبودي xd

      now i know why mario dumb

    60. Flare burst 9

      So you cause Mario to be dumb

    61. the animator YES

      duuuuude I think I gained some iq

    62. Eleanor Dumaran


    63. MaddestMike


    64. brandon Cox

      So Mario was normal but because of smg4 he is dumb it's kind sad actually

    65. Crad the Chad

      This is kinda sus I think there's lore idk that smg4 conspiracy theorys it makes me suspensios but hey who gonna put lore into frame by frame meme so ya I don't think so

      1. Crad the Chad

        Or do I maybe it's that some tech company wanted to make an experiment to see how to control characters ai to make it exist even in AIles games basically causing them to run into whatever this is and they discovered they just made this

    66. smashycars7

      7:05 funy music

    67. Phoenix Gamer

      What do you prefer? Stupid or Regular Mario?

    68. Azam Zahid

      So you imported a USB into your computer with super Mario in your computer than the USB is your mind and then you download the USB inside the Mario world than you where making memes inside super Mario wow

    69. super paper odyssey

      2:31 i cant stop XD dumb koopa: UFGJGHFGG *smacc*

    70. Ethan Brown

      its not funny

    71. Ethan Brown

      can i make mario like less dumb

    72. Ethan Brown


    73. Marie Carmelle Mathurin

      Yesss part 2 of Mario babys

    74. Shin Godzilla Is Smart


    75. FlyingFire568

      Wait, if SMG3 crash landed on front of Mario and SMG4 how come they don’t remember SMG3’s origins? 🤔

    76. Tenkenyang 5

      SMG4 real name: Senior Malware Guy 4 *no I was just joking*

    77. jayden de leon


    78. PRAUD Yannick


    79. Frosty

      I'm starting to wonder where the hard drive came from

    80. Mcboy 2009

      Justjoeking: where's jerry? and I'm NOT a meme!!

    81. Mcboy 2009

      Why is justjoeking here?

    82. Yadiel Beltran

      so this is why mario is dumd

    83. ~ ғᴀɪʀʏᴅᴜsᴛ ~

      Man just came out of nowhere and just started a youtube carrer

    84. Lee Ming

      Is this how Mario became stupid

    85. Jaxcraft 28

      1:54: So THAT's where the "SMG4 Goes Insane" video comes into play! 2:32: Mario got zapped with that! :O 4:03: I KNEW it! It all makes sense now! So SMG3 and SMG4 are both aliens. One destined for good and one destined for evil. Interesting.

    86. Jaxcraft 28

      Ah yes. Right where we left off.

    87. Jacob Vang

      WAIT THEY LIVE IN AFRICA?!?!?! 0:08

    88. super kat

      Maybe smg4 and smg3 are Just clones like number 4 and 3

    89. Cream Pie

      So that is what happend to mario and peach they were hit by that weird thing

    90. Cream Pie

      Smg4 what about your parent do you know there name or where ehat coutry you live

    91. Cream Pie

      Wait so mario was smart but how did mario turn dumb????

      1. Thananth Chea


    92. Loan Nguyen

      Why Can’t Mario Remember This

    93. bob

      no yes e

    94. FinsterGuy

      So that's how Mario got stupid

    95. lauren drake

      4:20 mario so cringe

    96. Genocide -chan

      then everything is like yin and yang since smg3 would be in the internet graveyard to return "normal" or lead to dead memes while smg4 would create more memes, right? after all now smg3 is the lord of the internet graveyard as it should have been from the beginning

      1. The Alpaca Redstoner

        It's oddly poetic

    97. Oluwakiibati Adetula

      so mario turned cray cray by the machine :)

    98. Chance man Cylus bey

      Just joe king is in 0:59