Meggy Reacts To The SMG4 10 Year Anniversary Movie! 🔴


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    Meggy here! It’s been 10 Years of SMG4! 🥳! I’m so interested to see what SMG4 and the gang have been up to while I’ve been gone. SMG4 just dropped a 10 year celebration video so I’m gonna watch it for the first time!


    1. Josh Putzke

      hey meggy did you know that mario and bob turned your house into a hotel

    2. Doges Rules

      smg4 when he about to die: o.o

    3. Ebraw Ebraw


    4. Haxorus Imp

      When Meggy called out Mario's nickname and shouted 'Noo!!' when he was grabbed, just shows how much she cares for Red. As he was the one that helped her get back into splatfest and win for Desti. So of course she would have a close attachment to him. She must've felt so helpless that she couldn't be there for him. She lost Desti, she certainly doesn't want to loose Red too. Also, I have a mini-theory that the Virus was trying to overwrite Mario. So I think the virus was in the process of trying to overwrite Mario and take over his body and that's what his arm mutating meant. Also, if he does get possessed, his name would be Mari0. Because SMG1 called it 'Zero'. Which is gonna get interesting.

    5. banana daily

      wow…10 years…i feel old

    6. Angelo Butler

      You have no

    7. Spring Bonnie

      Seeing that Meggy cares for Mario a lot is making me notice a bit of a ship between her and Mario.

    8. Cameron Cutrer

      He leggy I actually found the youtube channel called SMG1 I'm kind blown

      1. Cameron Cutrer

        Hey meggy SMG1 has a youtube channel

    9. Jasin Selmani

      No coment

    10. •Rainbow Ace•

      Hi Meggy!

    11. Maksim Morgan

      Meggy how's your vacation?

    12. Monica TenHouten

      Watch stopped bawsers free

    13. David Vondruška

      10 year SMG4 meggy

    14. Fırat Odabaş


    15. TheAdvertisement

      31:25 Omg she sounds so genuinely scared for Mario-

    16. susan hauk

      I love you

    17. susan hauk


    18. Interns


    19. God Grace

      I love his canal and can you make if mario was in Friday night funken 3

    20. Princess Peach Toadstool

      This is so nostalgic… I love you, SMG4.

    21. life of the death


    22. Tuan Nguyen

      34:51 The moment when I didn't believe that Axol actually has Melony as a girlfriend.

    23. Carlee Flenniken

      Do the war of the fat Italias

    24. Jackn jellify


    25. Crazy Eighter

      I just realized, smg might not stand for what we thought it did: I think the g stands for guardian, not glitch, as smg1 and 2 keep referring to the usbs as guardian pods, as for the s and m, my best idea is that they stand for System Memory, as that would make sense for a computer, making “system memory guardians”, so my theory: smg1,2,3, and 4 are upgraded versions of each other, like evolving or something, with zero being smg0, the first, and would make sense for evolution since he was the first, making him possibly the most flawed. That or he’s just smg, which could stand for system memory glitch. Basically, I think they all are programs that get upgraded versions

    26. Ava SMITH

      Meggy smg1

    27. Ava SMITH

      Meggy were smg4

    28. Bryan Guerra

      SMG4 😎😎😎👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

    29. TordTheRedLeader

      Tell me where the anniversary song is on spotify

    30. Kellie McConnell


    31. bacon hair

      when somebody makes a reaction about their own content lol

      1. TPOT pen

        The good old days when I was a bacon

      2. bacon hair

        totally not a hate comment

    32. Eli Osborn

      (realization that Zero is SMG0)

    33. Batnasan Tamir

      YEAH MEGGY!!!

    34. Brayden Goodloe

      meggy do a dare video

    35. Brayden Goodloe


    36. It’s Jordan

      How About The 10 Year Anniversary Of Ssenmodnar In 2022? 🙂

    37. Maria Lezana

      ☺️☺️ ala voy no in like

    38. SANS GAMES

      Mario x meggy who agrees

    39. صالح حمد العويض

      OMG is that SMG1 and SMG2

    40. JoshHD // HD Productions

      smg4 and smg3 or smgs at there is mario's avatar

    41. Creepay8

      34:32 I wish I had such friends too

    42. Chan Ruby

      The way that someone donates Meghan says woo my

    43. deku cris46

      Lineamentod de la comunidad

    44. deku cris46

      What te hel fakyn bros smg4 thanks your me is in like

    45. Gabriel Dyer

      SaNs I jUsT sNoRtEd a SuItCaSe FuLl Of CoKe

    46. Thedarkshark3000


    47. Theresa Mistry


    48. Gary Torres

      Dhdjhdhfhd hf jdjfurjfjr hf

    49. Gary Torres

      Hi guys

    50. Gary Torres

      Hi baby

    51. Gary Torres

      Say hi

    52. Gary Torres


    53. Gary Torres


    54. Gary Torres


    55. Gary Torres


    56. Gary Torres


    57. Gary Torres


    58. Biyan Elgani

      I like the woomy sound

    59. Nicole Cayetano

      I mean meggy sorry

    60. Nicole Cayetano

      I missed mega🤗

    61. Edwin Baez

      it will be so cool if we play as the first-person character in the video, maby a VR game perhaps?

    62. vex the hegdehog

      Meggy os cut

    63. Daniel Maes

      Haha it's so funny I can't believe it's so like I can't believe I'm seeing you inkling girl you're cool

    64. Elonzo Ferlance

      Meggy looks weird without headphones and beanie

    65. Elonzo Ferlance

      Meggy looks weird without headphones and beanie

    66. Doctor Guerrero

      This is weird and funny and the same time.

    67. Thameslink

      Probably peach is is girlfriend

    68. Among us tale Sans

      Man i just saw that smg4 didnt bring shaggy in, *shaggy actually saved meggy from death.*

    69. Ebon Beal

      Did he actually die😥

    70. Wiktor Szarometa

      Everyone fighting for their universe with a virus. Meggy just chillin and watching it

    71. Tyler Burroughs

      Zero is smg0

    72. Dumon Face

      I miss Meggy

    73. Yaser Almote


    74. Ivan Cart Guarin


    75. Ivan Cart Guarin

      Im back

    76. Ivan Cart Guarin


    77. Keyshunvia Robinson

      hi meggy this is 3jay

    78. Jalxar

      Didn't know meggy had rtx on

    79. Mis Lynch

      Wait SMG4 Smg3 smg2 smg1? What about smg0


      mario is avatar.

    81. CFGameplay

      if Mario was in omni man

    82. Rain and Sentry⬛️🟪⬜️

      Why does Meggy look so dumb

    83. Joe46234

      39:21 "WHERE DID THEY GET THAT?!"

    84. 노노ᅧ년동현

      So elevator I said you can shootsrsd

    85. Ava SMITH


    86. Mario x Meggy


    87. Jaxcraft 28

      Why did this feel like Weirdmageddon III all over again?

    88. Jaxcraft 28

      "Meggy needs to react to Mario Babies", "SMG4 Origins and SMG4 Goes Insane"

    89. Jaxcraft 28

      22:44: Dang! Poor Meggy is NOT having it. XD

    90. Jaxcraft 28

      20:31: I love these little animation poses. I have never seen them before. :O

    91. Jaxcraft 28

      12:38: Poor Meggy XD

    92. Jaxcraft 28

      3:48: Poor Meggy got PTSD from this. XD

    93. Jaxcraft 28

      YES! Time for meggy to see what she's been missing out on. No doubt she'll be worried.

    94. BNOW: Bentley Now

      Crap, I miss out on EVERYTHING!!! 😭

    95. Jeremy Figgs

      Last night you came in my dream and died and I hate you

    96. Shinobi X


    97. Jose Liñan


    98. Leo Cartwright madden

      The arm looks like squidward