SMG4: Mario VS Youtubers


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    I'm SO HAPPY TO ANNOUNCE that Meggy is GETTING HER OWN ANIMATED SHOW!! 🔫🦑 Be sure to subscribe to GLITCH for upcoming news on it!! 👉

    Mario fights Content Creators because why not 🥊

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    Published on 3 months ago


    1. SMG4

      Had to do it to em Also I'm SO HAPPY TO ANNOUNCE that Meggy is GETTING HER OWN ANIMATED SHOW!! 🔫🦑 Be sure to subscribe to my animation channel for upcoming news 👉

      1. Andreas Euaggelou

        You are a funny youtuber

      2. Andreas Euaggelou

        You are funny youtuber

      3. ✓⃝✓⃝

        No lol

      4. Kermit the frog

        FR bro

      5. Shaving cream man

        Mark had me dying

    2. Youre Mom


    3. Dark Breeker

      Dont worry guys here are legendary meme) 10:09

    4. Soviet Doggo


    5. berat bayar

      nice video and pewdiepie why not win fight

    6. terrence Abuyan

      Hey SMG4 can you do a videorelated to Mobile Legends a.k.a the crew play Mobile Legends

    7. terrence Abuyan

      Hey SMG4 how many episodes is in one season and how many seasons are you guys gonna do? Answer me!

    8. Anthony A.T

      top of the morning

    9. ByMax Gaming

      legends still say to this day that mrbeast is still trying to enter


      Dream be like:)

    11. S-Nathan Algren Gutierrez

      Wow, Keemstar so weak and he's a little gnome. 8:04

    12. Mason_Does_Stuff

      9:17 Hacks Disabled

    13. 2:03 pEwDiePie

    14. Vivaku 168


    15. Cintia Linares

      Among Us Voice Intro

    16. Pittbull Family

      USfilm sux when ur fav USfilmr gets demonitiszed

    17. Drunk Dad

      Mario is dumb but he ain't stupid to have meggy train him ever again



    19. Raid The Hedgehog / Mario X BlueTM

      2:26 are u going to brazil? im dont going to brazil but i am brazilian ;-;

    20. Muhammad Athar Bhayusakti


    21. TheGamingWolf 4372

      I've never seen USfilmrs so happy to get copyright strikes

    22. annismail azhari

      I’ve been watchin u for like forever and still till this day I watch u and I will never stop being a sub bc ur amazingly amazing!

    23. Human Haker9

      8:30 Dream when he gets a strength potion

    24. Human Haker9

      Yo skedadudlers

    25. Nahiara Marin Muñoz

      9:15 Mario: /gamemode survival

    26. Marlene Luque

      e mira Twister video de Minecraft reggaetón se transforma en Minecraft roblox qué pasaría si ahora es roblox

    27. BlackSkinXD BG


    28. Andreas Euaggelou


    29. Epic Gaming

      you're more then half way to another million goal, CONGRATS!

    30. Wiktor Widawski

      10:47 domain expansion: *meme frame*

    31. Wiktor Widawski

      9:30 domain expansion: *epic final stage place*


      Maro defeats dream lol

    33. Gilad Namimi

      rip meggy 2015-2021 14:03

    34. hanna yakub

      Getting kill by Bob 5:44

    35. Samuel Stein

      Maybe I should win but someday I'll win the USfilm battle

    36. Samuel Stein

      Why did Mario crashes the super mushroom when he gets a Spanked?

    37. vex the hegdehog

      create a sunset paradise game

    38. Mikkel I


    39. Aaron Krovance

      Its Dream!!!!

    40. David Gameplay

      No jack noooooo

    41. 7z h3

      8:29 what ie the name of the music?

    42. Muhammad Athar Bhayusakti


    43. Nahiara Marin Muñoz

      11:32 *oof*

    44. charles clavin

      What is this sound 11:27

    45. Kdizzletheking K

      4:29 🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵

    46. ملك ضل

      وانا يتيوبر

    47. bigmad64


    48. Edgy

      WTF is PEWDIWPIE wow this is a show.

    49. Whittytuber


    50. kenuko the playlist king

      If you put mr. Beast in the video, you'd get a promotion perhaps

    51. Julian Carriel Moreno

      I think all youtobers you show in video hate you

    52. sadeceminnakbitbalta

      11.42 who's that pokemon! i ts Weegeepie!!!

      1. sadeceminnakbitbalta

        I write wrong bruh

    53. Hieu Nguyen

      Dream ?

    54. Remy Duong

      When my friends come crying to me about something in their life I’m just gonna send them 8:00 - 8:02 Just Susan Wojinki saying SHUT UR GODAMN ASS. Simple but affective

    55. jennifer ganda

      How dare you defeat youtubers

    56. CHAN MAN SUI 5B01

      Dream is ga

    57. Aling Aling

      YTP 7:17

    58. John Maverick Celestino

      I like the piwdipie

    59. Ian Tang

      Your like OJ

    60. Carlffler Aziz


    61. HolaSoyMatias

      8:27 DREEEEEEEAAAMERRRRRRRR !!!?!?!??!!???!??!!????!


      Can u pls do a jojo bizarre episode 🥺🥺🥺

    63. Lemon demon Lemon demon

      Who faster dream or mario

    64. Kidflashtest abdiel

      Pench is to strong!

    65. Pheonix

      Dream be like: I’m going to speed run ur life

    66. RobTopsChild [GD]

      when far of the fat italians 2021?

    67. Omara Norfleet

      UmFun fact: never mess with mario when it's about throwing it down.

    68. Jackson Myers

      sinse when did dream get a canon

    69. Kayla Barco

      10:05 mario: princess laser gun! mario: i filled the basement with spaghetti again! peach: *scream*

    70. Angel David09

      The video is so cool😎😍👉

    71. demoman gaming

      Mario had the meggytnamic war flashbacks

    72. Synthia Sergal

      I just got a bit of a Persona 4 flashback there at the end

    73. Blerch Boy

      8:14 was my favorite because of the music 🎵

      1. npna

        That Music is from teraria :D

    74. Lil denn

      4:34 that is messed up bro just no

    75. Rogue Nightingtale


    76. SEBAYT1UP

      The video in Speed X2 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    77. Jay and Courtney Nelson

      On no it’s dream

    78. Sunset the Healthbar Guy

      6:18 My Fave 😂😂😂😂😂

    79. Meep Panda


    80. Aiden McCullough

      HOW DARE YOU!!!!!!!

    81. Dariusz Łazarski

      why wojniki?

    82. Nexus_lykeez

      8:26 dream !!!

    83. Nexus_lykeez

      1:11 rip meggy XD

    84. ゴ JUSTIN ゴ


    85. RobberTDM

      Mario has PTSD Post Traumatic Splatfest Disorder

    86. Marc The_1

      There’s been a lot of dark souls and Bloodborne sound effects

    87. Aling Aling

      7:17 😲

    88. GlitterSka✨✨ gamer

      I see dream there

    89. Hamza Paul

      9:31 Mario: what where am I lol

    90. khusein robloxragdollsystemtest

      10:10 if my mom deleted my minecraft

    91. MAX MAG

      Voice Meggy is the Best!!! 😍❤️😄👍

    92. MAX MAG

      Voice Meggy this is masterpiece!!!

    93. ArchiveGaming

      No meggy

    94. SomeRandomKidYT

      I Was Going Crazy When I Heard Terraria Music (I Play Terraria By The Way)

    95. George Aguero


    96. Mudkip

      Why doesn't meggy just do the splat feast next year

    97. Nathan Porter

      2lwlwpw Wqsjqeqenhqeeqqwhqewcusqnqdc "said he has no idea why he's not 8 and the president 777feet is not the one that needs the help from his campaign manager for a very short term in a

    98. DemonAngle 1472

      Imagine if pewds saw the vid XD