SMG4: Perfectly Balanced.


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    He's baaaaack.
    Meggy's Animated Show Trailer 👉


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    Published on 2 months ago


    1. SMG4

      1. SMG Tari

      2. Matthew Gutierrez

        SMG4 is the best

      3. Ivanmarl10

        Da baby

      4. JMG Animation

        DEAD MEME

      5. Александра Озаровская

        OoooooOoooOOOoOoOoO. О_#]

    2. Lunadraws

      The fourth wall breaks in this are insane


      ****, I thought SMG3 was doomed

    4. Interns

      8:48 9:14 8:52 Smg4's Memerun

    5. susan hauk

      Smg4 keep making your videos they're so funny

    6. JackManjori✔️


    7. tophat man

      As all things should be.

    8. Ghost Blade

      Mama Mia...

    9. Frehlty

      South Park 00:05

    10. Aish Potter

      When he enterd the hospital the theme was l4d2 witch theme

    11. Alloy Dreemurr

      Noice balanced :P

    12. sun

      The likes ar not balanced

    13. malachi vela

      he puled it out of his ass

    14. Eskil Propp madsen

      uhh the part that’s how a corrupted meme is made and how they became corrupted in the 10 year something what I’m saying is that the dead memes was corrupted was cuz they were to long in the alive world sooo what is the real reason why they become corrupted?

    15. Id Donal


    16. Nick Camardo

      8:40 * a m o g u s *

    17. Capretta SuperFashion

      hey the like and dislike arent balanced

    18. The Phantom

      Oh look at this SMG3 is finally something at least kinda good

    19. Ayberk Akbaş


    20. PaperFoxcraft 27

      This seems just like an average sunday to me

    21. PIUITGDragon2006

      Morshu: Hhhhhhhmmmmmmmm... 0:51

    22. Daniel Hidalgo

      New phone who dis?

    23. Rza GAMEZ

      this is like bleach (anime / manga) but cursed

    24. Enrique Vargas

      Smg4 damn YOU! for putting the unnus theme song. *not trying to be mean*

    25. theron ashmore

      I like how all buttons are labeled nut

    26. Dougbot 9000

      wait if pingas died in the internet graveyard video then how is he alive here and shoop da whoop is now dead

    27. Roblox sonic_youdexe OlhodastrevasOfficial Junto

      1:33 think is i trillion likes

    28. Jalxar

      I wise grape once said, "Perfectly balanced, As all things should be."

    29. Jaxcraft 28

      7:43: Oh God, that's creepy.

    30. Jaxcraft 28

      "Deleted"? "Perfectly Balanced"? Come on, now. XD

    31. Tomas Alexandru Grigore

      I think smg3 was in this video a good person

    32. Tomas Alexandru Grigore

      i just am happy to see morschu meme in here

    33. LaZeR5648

      Returns with Amogus

    34. Selever

      I like how smg3 speaks clean English I think

    35. Donny Holt

      Smg4 and smg3 should get along

    36. Dana Renelt


    37. Astrid Jørgensen

      WAIT SMG4 so smg3 is the internet gravejard ruler and you ere the ruler of internet funny memes

    38. ray wang

      SMG4 is mean jerk who guess what SMG3 doing is evil And SMG3 is a nice person

    39. JMG Animation

      Smg3 is a dead meme. Beat it

    40. Samantha Reyes


    41. Cloudz

      *As all things should be.*

    42. Loic 76


    43. TangoMangle

      cmon people we have to balance the like and dislike to make it perfectly balanced

    44. Playable Gogetaa

      U thought SMG3 was evil but he ins't that evil cuz he would kill SMG4 but he didn't

    45. Little nightmares 2 boi

      Get this boi to 5 million subscribers

    46. Emilio Sacco

      The aftermath of the movie

    47. oswald gaming

      i want more terrance

    48. Marcus Hansen Storbank

      Smg3: f*** you Smg4: f*** you Smg3: f*** you Smg4: f*** you Smg3: f*** you Smg4: f*** you Mario: 🍝 Smg3 & Smg4: ;-;

    49. Thycen Albar

      the troll face was on the living realm again but its corrupted

    50. Henry The Autistic Donkey

      “MMMMMMMMM” - corrupted morshu

    51. 0.7 Studios

      5:14 Yeah! They did get PWNED.

    52. tbhToastManLOL


    53. TheR2Dmaster17bacon

      Trollage is not a dead meme anymore lol

    54. Interns

      8:32 SUS LOL 9:04 8:34 Red Inposter:"Im free Im free!"

    55. Nightmare wolf

      I can’t those gloves😂🤣 this is why I love this channel3:05

    56. Kyson Wardlaw

      Part 1: Tension Part 2: Cylinder Part 3: 19 minutes Part 4: Or was not here in and out with a little more Part 5: Tension Effects

    57. Kyson Wardlaw

      Part 1: Dictionary

    58. Kyson Wardlaw


    59. Henry Aguayo

      I hate smg4 he is the worst man

    60. Henry Aguayo

      I love our videos smg4 best USfilm video #1 man I really good how was maggy doing make a new one

    61. guesst 326

      This is the first video of the 10 year mini arc The second is "smg4 origins" And the third is the 10 year anniversary movie

    62. Kyson Wardlaw

      Wait wait wait wait what how, SMG3 takes over the world no no no no no no no this cannot happen save the day for 100 days and this is bad how can come to the Badness situation, this can not happened!

    63. Antoni Kurek

      As all things should be

      1. Antoni Kurek

        Wait i commentted this 1 month ago

    64. AnimatorBrian _notyet

      SMG3 is basically Satan.

    65. Myusername200

      Just as all things should be...

    66. Ádám Papp

      Smg4 :*starts building lore* Mattpad:*theorising intestifies*

    67. Sdeef

      The meme life cycle is just pure genius

    68. Gamer Shark

      Who voices Smg3

    69. William Tollett

      new phone who dis? Crush Crush reference, anyone?

    70. gabriel ladino capador

      8:32 AMOGUS

    71. Brynn Uchida

      this is the best youtube video i have seen in my life

    72. Coltin Anderson2

      SMG3 is back but this time he's friendly?

    73. ellen30

      Poor morshu he got corrupted

    74. Matthew Brodsky

      3:14 IT'S A ME!!!

    75. Ago Oyong

      8:45 smg4 : bruh

    76. Ago Oyong

      8:32 among us roleplay sound 8:33 red comes in and says im free x1

    77. Eponymous Viewer

      9:55 - Nice moves you got there.

    78. Novak Mandic

      1:11 Death YOU WANT IT? it's yours my friend :)

    79. Trash pile :D

      9:50 Caught that reference, it's from (I think) Impractical Jokers that TV show

    80. Ninjaman1339

      Oh no is smg3 video

    81. thebloxgamer

      lmao smg3 put the uno reverse card

    82. levizaum pro

      as all things should be.

    83. Osama Al balushi


    84. Eve K

      I love Luke fully voicing the character now to go alongside his new development. Bravo!

    85. Tzar Nicholas II

      6:02 there is some very spice tension happening!

    86. partytimecopy

      When memes are trying to kill Nintendo creation be like

    87. Tree Branch Studios

      Okay this is one of your best I’ve seen in a long time Keep going you’ll reach popularity again

    88. Hamza Paul

      This makes no sense it’s MG3 was brought into the graveyard in August 22 2020 and under the title of SMG3 video you’ll see title but in May 6, 2020 It still makes no sense

    89. Titanicgamer 9073

      And this video is so cool and nice violeennt

    90. Titanicgamer 9073

      This means smg4 always guides

    91. Titanicgamer 9073

      I love mario

    92. Titanicgamer 9073


    93. Titanicgamer 9073


    94. Ellen Lim


    95. Iman Shad

      Just found globlogagalab guy Felling good

    96. Mahashweta Choudhury

      Well this is really true, the meme life cycle. When among us first became popular it was good and fun to see and play then it remained in the internet for sooo long that it became corrupted and became AMOGUS same for the troll face to trollge. No wonder why i love watching smg4.

    97. ꧁james Francois꧂

      1:33 𝐌𝐚𝐧