SMG4: The Pursuit of Happiness


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    Poor Meggy :(
    Her animated show is coming out VERY soon! Subscribe to my other channel to not miss it!👉

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    Published on 3 months ago


    1. SMG4

      Poor Meggy Her animated show is coming out VERY soon! Subscribe to my other channel to not miss it!👉

      1. The Amazing Fox

        Has Meggy tried out airsoft?

      2. Darren Lee Ming Hau


      3. maria trani

        @Cliffordlonghead bhuuui

      4. maria trani

        @Cliffordlonghead vghhhhhhh

    2. Jade the monstous wolf

      Wonder if anyone else got the Mulan part

    3. Baldimerl


    4. Goblin Plays

      i like how they played the intro for Sunset Paradise in this video at 11:58 :P

    5. Marcos Caraballo

      5:45 s those hobos are SMG1 and SMG2

    6. Jace Cox

      Wow me and meggy is the same wow

    7. Lunadraws

      So now I understand why Meggy on vacation

    8. Amariouna Sleeper

      Meggy has another emotional crisis block.

    9. 익명

      Melony:what are you chopping thing? Mario:watermelon. Melony:oh hell no!

    10. Simon Angarita

      2:15 Smg4 song: Be a cook

    11. Juaquin Manahan


    12. Jasin Selmani

      There is no such thing as the pursuit of Happiness is just a invention from the human head isn't that right everyone?

    13. Jack

      Wait America constitution stole from the title

    14. A Grady

      SMG2’s voice is so funny.

    15. Josue Perdómo

      smg4 que paso con el doblaje a el español por eso ya casi no miro tus videos

    16. Toon Link

      5:47 oh hey its SMG1 and SMG2!



    18. Camron Ferguson

      WOFA 2021 request: Steve's chickens vs Tari's ducks

    19. The super Mario show

      7:51mario vs smg4 be like:

    20. straight jacket

      3:20 this is now my screensaver.

    21. Duskstone109

      Meggy killed it with that rap.

    22. Nathan Decker

      2:15 made me laugh so hard

    23. Elijah Guevara

      WAIT. One of Meggy's scratched-off ideas is "Police Officer." And Meggy later works with Auri, the sheriff of Port Aurora!

    24. Asa

      Also muggy got bob good in the end there XD

    25. Asa

      Well we know what the fours are for now since the 10 year anniversary

    26. Super Season Channel

      SMG1&2 appeared here!?

    27. Eren Jeager

      I miss her old voice ...

    28. gieat beast 246


    29. gieat beast 246


    30. Pranshu Vittalam

      should be called the birth of sunset paradise

    31. Amber Lee


    32. Amber Lee


    33. Humprey Jr. Lopez

      what game is meggy from

    34. Star dust

      when they saw crono(god of space in among us) Tari called meeting.

    35. Cameron The Frog Boi

      4 will save us. It was right in front of us all along.

    36. Jason Lopez

      The lying porch statistically dislike because music intrinsically supply below a breakable sea. loud, special income

    37. Ace Brodhun-Ludke

      Meggy should play Cod Warzone

    38. Éric Montoro

      And thats how she got her show, sunset paradise

    39. Jalxar

      When Saiko starts hugging people you know that shit just got wholesome

    40. Netherking707

      I just realized they hinted on the smgs 2 months ago

    41. DevilYTpl123

      But pineaple pizza isnt bad... uh

    42. Tsai Barry

      HERE WE GO~~~~~~~

    43. Blueberry Corp

      you copy the song from part 2 jojo's bizzare adventure

    44. Ömer meder

      cool videos

    45. Bongo cat

      3:39 Meggy sus

    46. AMOGUS.

      She should jus be a rapper

    47. Bolita 64

      11:03 thats literally how depression feels like. (I know because I had)

    48. George Aguero

      4:40 That Puppy Eyes Face When She Have Feelings For Mario!❤️X🧡

    49. Ultimate Pugsly

      Shadow Meggy is giving me celest vibes

    50. Jorge Padilla

      This was so funny 2:12

    51. powerbongo

      What was that link?

    52. Nathan Ly

      Leggy likes to cry a lot movie

    53. MAX MAG

      5:07 You guys 👎. Meggy Voice is a GOD!!!👍

    54. Rainzyboy Baje

      Meggy in the ending: 12:42

    55. LaZeR5648

      I like how there is so many Among Us references

    56. Michael Burns

      Guys let’s get down to business to make some food

    57. Dr. Kira

      0:17 "Maybe She's dead." *More* proof that Bob is a bad friend.

    58. Rafa g

      It's not advisable to eat while watching smg4 why you're going to drown in the

    59. Ivano Taggz16


    60. LMac519

      I think she was a good rapper tbh

    61. aasad a

      I think the hobos watched BFB

    62. Shain Jugert

      Who’s a better rapper Meggy Or Bob

    63. CrazyDrJonathan

      People 2 month ago, what are does "4" worshippers doing? People after watching the anniversary vid: oh

      1. XLMaster

        SMG4 lore confirmed

    64. theflameingskull

      2:15 is my favorite part

    65. Mococientos 3


    66. Spy Crab disguised as botw  link

      I would rather have Mario cook me food instead of meggy or human meggy

    67. Cloud Brian Vital

      Wait smg1 smg2 wow smg2 she say fffoooouuuurrrrr

    68. Echo Productions 36

      Ironically enough I relate to Maggie way too much about her situation as a lot of people do when we're leaving High School

    69. AIDAN GM


    70. Ova y el peluche :v

      The pursuit of happiness is the name of an actual song

    71. Jacob Davis

      5:44 To think there are more SMGs and it was these bozos

    72. Jaidenhits

      How did we go from the retardedness, comedy, not overused jokes and memes to this cringe? Everytime i watch drama like this sh!t, i lose many brain cells.

    73. Jaidenhits

      7:51 yeah, sounds about right.

    74. Henry Tams

      SMG1 and 2 like: 4? LORD 4? Without the SMG

    75. Tyrus Rudy

      Everyone gangsta till Bob has a sad face during a emergency meeting

    76. The Chepy Show

      if u guys have not watched the special movie video “4” is smg4 the reckoning is some weird thing just watch the movie

    77. BelaIsa

      my eyes burning

    78. This Person

      I was hoping the cooking song would continue

    79. Ethan Hammans

      I agree with you meggy

    80. Yeetboy Gaming

      Luigi seeing her operate a stove, PTSD

    81. ThePixelGamingX_YT

      5:47 SMG1 and SMG2

    82. Matthew Royer


    83. minecraft clovers

      5:48 lol its smg1 and smg2

    84. boyfriend fnf

      I like the rapping part and I am your biggest fan I watch all your videos

    85. Roroprin

      Wait is this where SMG1 and SMG2 came from 0_0

    86. Kanaski

      Did you put a jojo op 2

    87. Igor Zgrvaci

      Meggy :l can be in in every I can

    88. Yung Durt

      Meggy needs her own arc

    89. Gwynn Mason

      the first time smg1 and smg2 appeared

    90. Joshua Stor

      Seeing it now, I imagine the black orb around her is the same loathing and lack of a new calling arising in her mind and making her not only doubt herself but she's essentially going through a mid-life crisis.

    91. Solidfire

      Man those Hobos are obsessed with 4, wonder what that means? am I right?

    92. Whitney Coulineur

      4 4444444444444444444444444 bfb search now

    93. DangerDown oficial

      Smg1 and smg2 where in this video wow

    94. E ✓

      7:43 When Meggy did the new line and the mics volume was up like a million for a second 🤣

    95. For his neutral special, he wields a gun

      My heart breaks whenever Meggy is sad :(

    96. The_bedwars_pro GAMING

      Hmmmm how about she can be a part of a war shes at least good at SHOOTING she'll be happy i think

    97. Atti Thickson

      1:20 call me a crazy conspeirisy guy but this looks like when francis fell down before the combo move

    98. Atti Thickson

      0:55 this frame is in your dreams or nightmares

    99. SpaceCat Gaming

      When smg4 said maybe livestream that's what she's doing on her vacation!

    100. mango man

      5: 50 forshadowing