SMG4: Mario's Bed and Breakfast


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    While Meggy is away, Mario and Bob decide to turn her house into a hotel...

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    Published on 2 months ago


    1. SMG4

      MEGGY'S NEW ANIMATED SHOW IS OUUUUUUTTT 👉 GO WATCH IT GO GO GO GO (also hope you enjoyed this ep!)

      1. Dark_XX_Echo

        Smg4 I know how you feel bout that nobody likes you and when they send hate comments

      2. Danielle Miller


      3. Yatyat Yeung

        How did you use Mario emoji smg4?

      4. Wayne John Makalio

        ayy yo tell bob to feed the damn kitty

      5. ANG ZHENG KWAN Moe

        Hobo 1 and 2 are Smg1 and 2

    2. Janka Ullrichova

      Don't do these memes it's god damn sad 11:47

    3. MAX MAG

      SMG1 And SMG2 is Here!!!

    4. Gl1ch

      6:50 look closely It’s smg1 and smg2!

    5. Lord Genocide257

      Is anyone curious how meggy will react upon seeing her house turned into a hotel?

    6. Bik MazGd

      Isso seria uma representação de YOU GOING TO BRAZIL 0:49

    7. YoloYester

      11:05 this reminds me of ratatouille

    8. Copper Police

      What a second, I feel like I have seen those hobos... 6:50

    9. Di Mora

      7:29 Isabella in smash be like:

    10. Juaquin Manahan


    11. Marcel Kujawa

      6:00 best Moment ever

    12. YallNeed JesusNOW

      3:56 I died at that part

    13. Freddy J Rayo

      Oh my fans are here hel- AHHHHHH

    14. Random Content

      4:30 the only Karen I’m not surprised by is princess peach

    15. Liam Gaty

      pls sponser me

    16. Superboy Hanzala

      Dammit man

    17. Hunter rhodes

      I give you a five-teen star rating

    18. Nathan Ford

      Kratos: “why is there a mirror in here” Luigi behind the one way mirror: “Oh yeahhhhhh”

    19. Wavy Seahorse

      8:41 had me in tearsv😂😂😂

    20. Yemima Immanuela

      1:11 3:31 5:34 8:41 10:07


      Ma ma miaaaaaaaaaaaaaa I DJWJSKDJWJ

    22. super moaaz 1677

      funny 7:27

    23. BPFQ Cort

      4:30 oh

    24. Peter Ruf

      I have to ask did you edit the thumbnail after you uploaded the video because I remember there being a different thumbnail when the video was uploaded and then it's changed

    25. Darren Chris

      Meggy actually appeared three years ago, search for if Mario was in splatoon

    26. matteo dumitrache

      3:57 Poor Meggy :(

    27. Michael Eagles

      What the hobo 1 and hobo 2 there smg1 and smg2 bigggggggggggg brainnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

    28. lauren georges


    29. Sans The Skeleton

      5:21 i mean they didnt stay there for one minute they stayed only for like 19 Seconds so they dont get first class treatment

    30. Vincent DelGardo

      H E L L O I M T H E N O S T A L G I A C R I T I C G U Y I R E M E M B E R I T S O Y O U D O N T H A V E T O O

    31. Isaac Reynolds

      Is it a army of fgteev

    32. 허태원워

      7:24 mario from super mario bros: nintendo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! tom:oh sit! (nuclear detonation) TNTX100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 (boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooom

    33. MB II

      This isn't how AirBNB works

    34. Danielle Miller

      Hey you death game mini game name death game this somebody passes a gun and shoot that somebody that's it and everyone needs to be dead

    35. gamer cat

      Mario gave a high five to that guy and Mario got hurt

    36. Sara Hallberg-Penne

      I love the new joke in the series Karen mode activated

    37. Mihály Vida


      1. Mihály Vida


    38. ✅i-winSkkuno🔱

      Yes sir 😂😂😂😂

    39. GONE MAD

      Meggy should have taken a vacation to Mario's and Bob's and breakfast.

    40. PLAYER4


    41. Hermeliin Noor

      is this the first time melon waked up?

    42. Shadow Shane

      6:59 It's a union.

    43. Dynomite-playz

      why is peach in the karen room and then shes in the front of the line even though she was in the vault stuck

    44. jashan tejani

      We need more

    45. Daniel Hassan

      is that fgteev

    46. Daniel Hassan

      FAK UUUuUUuuuuuuuuuu

    47. Toppat Clan

      Wait... LUIGI PUT THE MIRROR IN THE SWIMMING POOL?! i was expecting Mario will do that

    48. Robert Orlandi

      Mario and bob forgot the CAT that’s probably not good

    49. Franco Ayala

      I love how this was the first episode smg1 and smg2 were in

    50. Saminda Gunawardena

      6:55 DUDE ITS SMG1 AND SMG2. Huh, ngl that surprised me

    51. Meta Bro

      6:49 I think I just shit myself

    52. (discords-puppet) fluttershy

      meggy: bob you idiot! Bob: *derpface* Meggy: -_- bruh

    53. Hunger Studios

      O K

    54. kiko the pumpkin

      You are a legend for the cooking mama refrence

    55. 9223 QuintilIion

      D A T A S S

    56. Joao Lucas Gouveia de Oliveira

      2:36 lixo lixo lixo🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇦🇴🇦🇴🇦🇴🇦🇴🇦🇴🇦🇴🇦🇴

    57. Elijah Baker

      4:35 when your friend high fives you really hard

    58. Aısyon Anim

      (58) Aısyon Anim - USfilm

    59. hun11232113 t

      11:49 now I'm sad bc the cat is not fed ):

    60. Mark Navartes

      My meggy hat has goggles that are squared while the one Luke is wearing has round goggles. 🧐

    61. Jay Kazi

      5:51 need safety

    62. Oscar Otoole

      Bob: We had Several Taste Testers come in to help improve Our Recipes The Toad at 3:42: *Literally dies*


      What is the voice line for the hotel critics called?

    64. Tanya Siech

      Smg1 and smg2 have a 1 and a 2 on term hat

    65. Daniel Sahagun

      I can’t believe that Smg1 and 2 were in this video

    66. Nathan Kong

      6:52: ITS THE SMGS


      This place is a killer

    68. LittleCeasersPolarBear88

      Charlie Booth/Gustav VS Buddy Pine/Syndrome In A Snowball Fight

    69. LittleCeasersPolarBear88

      Cricket Green VS Buddy Pine/Syndrome In A Game Of Soccer

    70. LittleCeasersPolarBear88

      Foxy The Fox (Walt Disney And Rudolf Ising) VS Buddy Pine/Syndrome For The Hand Of Roxy The Fox (Walt Disney And Rudolf Ising)

    71. LittleCeasersPolarBear88

      Girl Foxy Fox (Walt Disney And Rudolf Ising): Alright, Who Am I Fighting This Time? Oh? Hey Pals! Come On! Let's Battle! (Sheriff Woody Pride, Freakazoid And Captain Underpants Gasp) Sheriff Woody Pride: Hey, Baby. Why Don't We Skip The Fight And Spend The Night? Girl Foxy Fox (Walt Disney And Rudolf Ising): Hey! I'm A Guy! Remember? Hands Off! Sheriff Woody Pride, Freakazoid And Captain Underpants: Ahhhhhh, Fatal Cutie. Girl Foxy Fox (Walt Disney And Rudolf Ising): Nooooooo! Foxy The Fox (Walt Disney And Rudolf Ising): Ahh! (Sigh) That Damn Nightmare Again!

    72. LittleCeasersPolarBear88

      Foxy And Roxy Meet The Reluctant Wolf And The Reluctant She-Wolf

    73. LittleCeasersPolarBear88

      Woody: Bo, Is That You? Bo. Bo. Bo. Bo. Bo. Bo. Bo. Bo.


      I sense a whimpu arc coming on.

    75. LittleCeasersPolarBear88

      I Will Not Be Stopped By A Brilliant Monstrosity Bent On Revenge!

    76. Richard Morrow

      I love the human meggy but... BRING BACK INKLING MEGGY

    77. ToH Noob

      dude can make a smg4 out of anything, im impressed.

    78. Toby And Emily

      I Feel Bad For SMG4 And Also i Would Go And Meet Him If The Hotel Was Real.

    79. Miguel gamer animações


    80. generally weird

      6:51 smg1 and smg2 are featured

    81. sunnat2442


    82. francis alemorin


    83. StickmanXD [tiny]


    84. gingerkingboy

      I like this hotel with chaos! :D 5:15

    85. dan travis valderrama

      7:49 8:47 9:24 i like that smash sound

    86. oliverwong27

      You should name the title Mario’s BEDFAST!!!!!

    87. Evangelin Padaong

      Dr disrespect ?

    88. Queencat Fancicat

      I watch one of these videos every day and it makes me happier😸

    89. Twisted Snake


    90. Mr Hoohoo Blue

      5:09 How?

    91. Richard Wienke

      I love the guitar sound when Mario and Bob high 5 eachother. 2:52

    92. Dema Sentosa

      oh wow i just relised there was smg1 and smg2 there

    93. veteplays_sonic oh yah

      smg1 smg2 smg3 smg4

    94. Foxyfoxgames 227

      It feels weird now knowing smg1 and 2 were in these videos

    95. Sleeping Music943

      Smg1 and smg2

    96. Valerio Grandi

      0:45 What a beatiful face

    97. Iris S

      6:50 smg2 and smg1

    98. Joshua de jesus

      i like when meggy says did give my cat food shes saying thats verry illigal