My New Adventure.


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    And don't worry, Meggy aint leaving the SMG4 channel forever, she'll be back soon!!!!🦑

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    1. SMG4

      TRAILER FOR MEGGY'S NEW ANIMATED SHOW OUT NOW!👉 GO AND SUBSCRIBE! And don't worry, Meggy aint leaving the SMG4 channel forever, she'll be back soon!!!!🦑

      1. FoxyBPC

        Um, when is soon?

      2. Marek Mraz


      3. Jose noyola

        HECK YA I'm soo glad she can come in smg4 channel soon I'm gonna miss meggy she is Awsome and I always know she is in her friends heart and my heart but she may not know me but it wouldn't matter but I'm starting to worried bout her cuz of her shadow I don't trust meggys shadow now cuz I have a bad feeling bout her shadow and we always love u meggy ur fans and me as fan always love u but thanks to smg4 group they are Awsome and alsomy fav smg4 friends is Mario and meggy and tari and mellony and axel and Boban and saiko the colors of hearts is like red heart is Mario and others u get the point...I think😄😄❤️🧡💙💚🖤💜

      4. Xero The Hedgehog

        @Stylus Pen no matter where meggy is or anywhere knowing she will be in our hearts and our dreams whatever calling will be vacation is the right path either way we will always wait for her to come back once she found what she's looking for

      5. WOOFZI


    2. Ялэкυ Κуr ✔

      Meggy is My Favorite Character

    3. Team JessBlox

      I assume Shadow Meggy will be a main antagonist in the main story…

    4. zbysixx

      When all the characters will have voices? LMAO

    5. Mikkebak The Gamer

      Wtf was in that cloud? Both Meggy, the Turtle and the ship looks completely different now! Almost like they were reanimated in a different art style or went through to another reality! Don’t tell me the fog/cloud was hiding a wormhole!

    6. Глюк Безумных

      goodbye meggy

    7. Zapery

      And it’s been over 2 months

    8. Jason Lopez

      The nosy invoice latterly laugh because customer selectively wobble via a difficult shadow. afraid, afraid representative

    9. Meta Bro

      Can Melony have an anime, I’d fit how I feel about actual anime. Just kidding I like anime and it’s fine to too.

    10. Silver Wolf

      I bet saiko will get a s how next

    11. Jello Forever O


    12. Official _DT

      Sad :(

    13. MAX MAG

      Voice Meggy this is masterpiece and Awesome and cool!!!😍❤️😄👍

    14. LaZeR5648


    15. Josh Maxim Manulat

      goodbye to muggy but good news she is still in the SMG4 family

    16. `*Emma*`

      Is meggy will she be back again to her friend?

    17. ROSALY Luis

      Meggy leaves and luigi and tari play minecraft. THE END

    18. Christine Balmeo


    19. Ha Vu

      So sad ):

    20. The Crispy Nuggy

      It usually takes a lot to hit the feels in my heart. But Meggy leaving them did jt. How?!

    21. WelshGiraffa93

      I really hope this doesn’t write off Meggy in a sense come the season 1 finale of the final moments is her deciding to stay in Port Aurora and be Auri’s Supervisor

    22. rodolfo abduzcan


    23. Reuben Philverson

      I can wait to watch this new show ♥️♥️🤩

    24. noname321

      I just realised that this series likely means meggy will be gone from smg4 for ages, at least a year, which is very sad!


      Weegeepie Minecraft

    26. Ranya Hoshan

      is it rlly that hard to make one ep?wow im never making something like that.

    27. Whitney Coulineur


    28. SighfourMC

      "I'll be back before you know it" *2 Months Later* You still aren't back.

    29. The Timean

      I made my own character based off Meggy, her name is Meggy Pirate. For awhile I had stopped watching SMG4, and just got back to it today. And before I even knew of Shadow Meggy I had made a Shadow Meggy Pirate. I love your Meggy as a character and hope this channel keeps up the great work.

    30. PJ Wilson-Woods

      Good bye Meggy 😓

    31. crash Boomerx United X

      I love meggy boots 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    32. Inky Boy

      Acivement unlocked (good ol days)

    33. ReplayTSL


    34. 🕹John-Hannibal-Smith🕹

      This vid is buetifull, olso that turtle made me laugh, i hope Meggy will have a wonderfull vacation and that she will return before we know it like she sayed! Im sure to watch that series and im sure its gona be awesome, olso is this gona be a story olso about Meggy and her shadow i mean in the end we did saw a fight

    35. Retro Collector

      Mom cone pick me up I’m scared… Of this interesting - new art style of meggy. Tbh I don’t mind it, but meggy is starting to become somewhat unrecognizable to her original in game character.

    36. Plumerman-Crack

      It means there will be a new series on Ghitch Production

    37. Astronomy456

      I really hope this Isnt the last we will see of Meggy in the SMG4 Timeline, but Im glad that Characters are getting their own story

    38. Bonfrancis Dumandan

      rumor has it that tari and luigi playing Minecraft

    39. BenyBoy

      I'm actually annoyed that they changed meggy from an I king to some anime character. It was a splatoon side character from one of the meme videos form 2018. An now its an anime character. I love the new videos but it seems like ages since I've had a proper wheeze at Mario do something stupid (probably since the fnaf one) and it just feels like a business who uses anime girls to sell merch instead of a youtube channel that started off with memes. I appreciate the effort you put in to things like meta runner and they are all great but it seems like you guys have changed the mascot from Mario to anime girls. I actually like anime but I really miss the retarded 64 style videos with toad bowser luigi Mario and peach in

    40. Adif Izyan

      Oh shi- smg4 made weegiepie NOOOOOO

    41. Pooj

      You guys kinda ruined meggy

    42. Александр Чистоградов

      Smg4...ты был всегда моим первым ютубером. Я обычный парень из россии. Однако ты был моим первым, САМЫМ ПЕРВЫМ В ЖИЗНИ ЮТУБЕРОМ. И я помню что это был эпизот с чомп чомпом. И оглядываясь назад...меня переполняют чувства настольгии. Безрасудство Марио, Смешные мемы, и конечно же эпичные приключение. Я благодарен что ты до сих пор держишься на ютубе. Оставайся таким же крутым, и таким же смешным). С юбилеем Smg4 Smg4 ... you were always my first youtuber. I'm an ordinary guy from Russia. However, you were my first, THE FIRST YUTUBER IN LIFE. And I remember that it was the Chomp Chomp episode. And looking back ... I am overwhelmed with feelings of nastolgiya. Mario's Recklessness, Funny Memes, and of course an epic adventure. I am grateful that you are still on USfilm. Stay as cool and just as funny). Happy Anniversary Smg4

    43. saibd castaneda

      Just came back after a long time and now there stuff i dont know, please someone explain me who is meggy and her story?

    44. Patricia Fuentes

      ¡Meggy, welcome to the Sunset Paradise! 🎊🎊🎊

    45. Pq4411

      Goodbye mushroom kingdom hello port arora

    46. Soba

      What is the turtle name

    47. little friend

      i think now i willy hate this video smg4

    48. rilakumma lazy bear

      holey sh*t meggy looks very different... i advise mario not to go into that fog...

    49. Bishnu Magar

      Bye meggy

    50. Blue Todd

      1 year ago: SMG4: Well I guess that’s it for Splatoon-related adventures... UNLESS... 1 year later:

    51. Victor Rondon


    52. Victor Rondon

      😢😢😢h until soon MEGGY, I wonder if they would come out a video called if mario were in sunset paradise in which the smg4 characters passed for that universe


      Mario Is My Favorite 😂

    54. Maemunah Muna

      Weegeepie plays luigi minecraft

    55. Ariel Lopez

      She now in inkling

    56. Stekarkay trio

      I just have to wonder is this connected to the anime arc and the smg4 movie Meggy's Destiny because if I remember there was a shadow there too and I think it was either Desti or Meggy's inkling form but it was in her head

    57. BasicallyJake

      this got me sop pumped for some reason

    58. Only Cartoon

      Fortnite Meggy !


      0:38 mario vs saiko!!!!

    60. Trollfaced Mario

      This is giving me some serious Celeste vibes

    61. suk har lam

      BYE bye meggy 😄🙂

    62. Orion Beadling

      This feels like a celeste refrence

    63. Ericka Williams


    64. SpoopysRblx YT

      DaMeggy Les goooooooo

    65. D&V Chan

      Best anime show ive ever watched.

    66. Jacquelynn Davis805

      I saw the trailer and that's where meggy starts new adventure and her vacation begins a new beginning for herself sunset paradise is new video on glitch channel and that is for meggy smg4

    67. Fig

      The budget cut version of the og (Still good tho)

    68. Miguel Valencia

      hmmmmm since meggy is having a vacation then if meggy's back mario is gonna get a vacation i want what mario look like :)

    69. Nguyên Nguyễn Tuấn

      And Luigi play minecraft with tari

    70. LZ- frallen'z

      And subtion

    71. LZ- frallen'z

      Why cc is South Korean

    72. ShyGuy123

      1:35: Luigi x Tari lol

    73. Mohammad Bintang Al Khalidy

      that must be a big sacarifice

    74. Cruzada


    75. MetroPro 425

      Que Bueno

    76. Fakebow X

      You already know whats the new video If MaRiO Was In SuNsEt PaRaDiSe

    77. Sadot Gomez

      What happened to Belle

    78. Yairelis Perez

      0:27 Woah 😦, that Saiko is very cool 😎 and hardcore!!! 1:07 Mario don’t say that, you’ll make Meggy feel bad 😞!!!

    79. Jan clays Game man

      Is buatty

    80. Kit Litten

      This gives me MAJOR one piece vibes

    81. Dafisha

      Meggy I don't think we're in gmod anymore

    82. Tagia Ray

      Gonna be a long time till we see Meggy on the Smg4 channel again.

    83. Connor The Duke

      I haven’t been watching since the meggy movie, why is Meggy talking?

    84. GamingLengendeYTB

      1:36 Luigi X Tari

    85. Adrián Chog gamer


    86. Jocelia Sousa


    87. Just a gamer. NOT READY FOR VIDEOS YET.

      Tell me if you spotted Shadow Meggy at 2:39

    88. DBSR

      I'll miss meggy so much

    89. Louvhern Jr Montero

      Where's Mario and SMG4 in Sunset Paradise?

    90. timkajordanova


    91. timkajordanova


    92. flutter_winx season8

      Goodbye meggy you are good the smg4 please come back

    93. Ereaper Ecreeper

      oh wait

    94. Ereaper Ecreeper

      wait wot wat about retourded morio and tf2 charcaters

    95. KINGDXE E.G.O

      Little did they know that meggy would never be heard of again

    96. jolteon e umbreon

      No meggy

    97. Jiwoo (Rex) Pi

      I will miss u Meggy.

    98. NOOOOOOO