SMG4: Mario goes to the dentist


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    Oh boy. Mario's teeth are gonna be sore tomorrow 🤡


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    Published on 29 days ago


    1. SMG4

      GET THE 10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY MERCH BEFORE ITS GONE! 👉 Thanks so much for watching guys! Mario's never gonna go to the dentist again lol

      1. Sebastian Torres


      2. Ulala Druid


      3. Wolf


      4. RedPanda99 RedPanda99

        Lol no more mario at dentist

      5. SMG4 / Meggy Productions Captain Edition

        @Roberto Olivarez Ok Sure

    2. Andrea Celeste Martel Silva


    3. Vinko Simunic

      smg4Mariodiesmg4Mariodie does it work?

      1. Vinko Simunic

        :( it doesnet

    4. Savion Martin

      Tsum tsum smg4...........................................i love it

    5. Sebastian Torres

      9:50 Speaks English and Spanish Is Funny Mario Went To The Dentist Lol Watch This

    6. Cruz Arias

      This video was made on my birthday day

    7. Rōzu

      Its such a random video but still stupidly funny

    8. S de Koning

      6:44 They say i run faster then light its self

    9. tensixty o' clock

      11:15 Grand Dad Flashbacks

    10. Alpha Dragon Queen

      I went to the Dentist yesterday and I need a good laugh

    11. ryan thornton

      Well he did say grab a seat 🤣

    12. Roblox


    13. Ángel Mendoza

      What a honor, smg4 thinks about he's mexican fans 💪🏻👏🏻 like

    14. VicZilla24 Dreamer


    15. spiralo


    16. SeriousBooK2596

      1:02 XD

    17. PLAYER4

      6:17 I don't want to think of what sort of R34 stuff these ppl got Tari into * SHIVERS *

    18. anthony holder

      this video is garbage



    20. kepler- 70bGamer

      8:41 9:45

    21. Mustafa King

      هذا شخيف

    22. NoToxicity ☉_☉

      Watched for like 9-10 years I can’t stop

    23. gordininjago

      lol encerio asi parecemos? pos creo que no es del todo asi

    24. Jason Leiter

      damn i have been subbed for 10 years, from the start!

    25. Pkkon91

      Congrats on 10 years!

    26. why my battey always finishes

      4:48 me when saw ronaldo gigantic doll free

      1. why my battey always finishes

        7:23 when i learned. Croods 2 a new age isnt at tv yet

    27. HO KI HO

      These plush are the same plush of disney but you created of smg4 version

    28. Loscra C.


    29. Nono Master

      Me Wacthes smg4 for the first time: *dies of laughter* Me after 10 months of watching smg4: *barely laughs at all*

      1. NoToxicity ☉_☉

        I’ve watched for like 9 years and I have t stopped laughing

    30. samuwey Rich21

      I thought it was going to apear dr. Simi, the mexican dr. Mario

    31. Redstar Games

      Como deberían tomar los latinos este cap xd

    32. Leonel Oie

      Dr. Friend, you said chicken wrong like it’s a pole, the O in it makes a sound with an I bro

    33. Damien

      11:19 -12:06 ☹☹☹☹☹

    34. Denny Supriatna

      ssmg4 eats meme mario eat pizza

    35. Adam Danial

      So who is swag’s real wife: sonic or tari Sonic cuz they become gay Tari cuz he called her mlady

    36. crocodile decides

      "And that's how I lost my medical license"

    37. Davaughn Davis

      When your made a mess as a kid and blamed your big sister 10:50

    38. Xavier Rodriguez


    39. Luis Aedo

      Español Latinoamérica ahora 9:51

    40. Choaos SS

      9:50 As A Mexican, I Can Confirm This Is The Way We Live In Mexico

    41. Nav


    42. Brady Campbell

      Wow a xenonorph living inside of someone lol

    43. Jaydon Mccollum

      Their vuds always makr me laugh

    44. Anthony A.T

      Damn look how it grew from battle royal to dentist im so proud

    45. boyfriend ✔️

      3:23 hahahhahah

    46. Nelson Riquelme

      meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeedic hevy is dead

    47. Chad Alexis De Asis

      Hahah So awesome videos

    48. Kreekcraft Pushy

      I love the first part

    49. Lucario Zapata

      They have to learn spanish (The idiom that i talk el idioma que hablo) for The part of mexico

    50. Gaming with dragon with dalls and the boys

      5:38 LET ME IN!!!!

    51. Hamstreak

      You've really improved, guys! Very funny!

    52. El Lobo539Gaming

      Lil' chonks *_*

    53. Mohamed Osama

      are you play roblox

    54. Fallen Angel

      Saiko is the mom of the smg4 crew

    55. Kacper XXX

      Teri trust Mario as her dentist... Guess constant gaming has damaged some of her brain cells

    56. Laura Short

      Swag sounds like p-50 from tornado siren madness

    57. Classic Sonic’s Great adventures

      11:16 DR AMIGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    58. Supermario andsmg4fan23

      Dr Amigo wad NOT lincensed by Nintendo

    59. Player ZER0

      Medic is just baldi with a degree in medicine that lost his license and somehow got a job in the field

    60. DANE KING

      That's what he gets for making the big wall

    61. The hype Trainz

      Is that... WHEELCHAIR KOOPA?!

    62. José David López Alvarado

      Asi no es mexico pero ok

    63. Tree Branch Studios

      Saiko saying “OI” is something I didn’t know I needed

    64. Zamir GamboaMendoza

      4:16 what does this sound originate from...?

    65. Cepheusthegreat

      medic tf2 was mentally abused this episode. I guess physically as well but mental mostly

    66. ルカ雄大

      Un? Nami??

    67. Craig Spencer

      P O L L O 10:41 translation: chicken

    68. Superalppu Spr

      when meta runner season 3

    69. troolgamer 1000

      I liked it much more because I am Mexican but I understand English, I liked how you took the ideas of typical Mexican XDXD excellent

    70. xeno blade

      Good job of making grate voids for us to whach. Not good at spelling.

    71. Spy Tf2


    72. a weeb.

      "u will be jorje, **and i will be jesus**"

    73. cameron demon

      Reportense los latinos jajaaj

    74. Kirby Mexicano

      i wasn't expecting them to go to Mexico, that was so random XD

    75. D-tay 127

      Am I the only one who just realized that saiko's voice is nami's from one piece?

    76. LokThry Larsen

      when i saw that medic from tf2 was the dentist i immediately knew shit was going down

    77. Aggresive Monster

      the best way for me to describe this video: THAT ESCALATED QUICKLY

    78. Wong Edwin

      Ummmmm what

    79. GodzillaProMega Burning2019

      I neerlandés. That plushys. ;_____________________;

    80. Konig Jay


    81. Sam Stickmin

      *Never* eat Spaghetti that has *glass* in it! 🙁

    82. Monster 666

      Garry’s mod

    83. Anonymous Troll


    84. Strikker1918BAR

      8:49 - wait, a song from reflections driver 1's ost? bruh this is old shit right there luke 9:12 - swag is so stupid he doesn't know that... well, that pistol is a USP match

    85. MaddestMike

      9:45 I'd watch that all day if I could. :)

    86. dennisbrian romanicruz


    87. The Cartridge Tilter

      2:08 wut

    88. Luis Alonso Franco Nila

      viva méxico

    89. El Golden

      algo en español ase mucho tiempo no veo esto

    90. zank455 xd

      Lol epico

    91. - Obcena

      i ship swag and tari omg

    92. KetLet MetChet

      Hehehehehe teeth go *boom*

    93. Amr Zn

      ollololololooolololololololol best vid ever cool SMG4

    94. Lutoktok

      The Legends of Mario: Soul Bowser Fury (1/11)

      1. Lutoktok

        Part 1: Mario is Dentist

    95. Henry Entertainment System

      The dr. amigo at the end was hilarious

    96. Sleepy

      Look I love you smg4 but we have more episodes focused on Mario and you possibly have toad like some of the videos a few years ago as Mario you and toad used to be a trio and toad was always the squidwerd of the group heck have a FM and x start appearing with you and Mario or just in general have a episode focused on Mario

    97. Ana C see seeabrera

      The new year

    98. Orlia Tabue

      This is going to be funny