Meggy Answers Your Questions...


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    Thanks for sending through your questions! Meggy and I had a lot of fun answering them.
    ... most of them


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    Published on 2 months ago


    1. SMG4

      Meggy said she LOVED interacting with you guys. Let us know if you'd like to see more :D Meggy's Animated Show🍝: Meggy will be doing her first live stream ever next week on the 21st April

      1. Legendary Godzilla Martinez

        Hello smg4 im legendary godzilla Martinez

      2. EpicSansGaming CrossS

        Oki doki

      3. plasma king

        PLEASE MAKE A SEQUIL OF THIS VIDEO i have a question for her anyways meggy ever heard of squidbeak splatoon

      4. Augie’s channel

        How Stornger you are than GUMBALL??

      5. Ognjen Milosevic

        Kan you make a video vhen your pregnat plz?

    2. Diluc Ragnvindr the Darknight Hero

      Meggy/Lizzie: **wants to punch Seph in the face** All of us remembering what happened to "her": *Karma's a bi***, isn't it?!*

    3. soviet tanker

      Is port Aurora a ghost recon breakpoint reference?

    4. Haxorus Imp

      Meggy: "He's like a brother to me!" SMG4: *Tries to kill Mario in the 10th anniversary special*

    5. Episode & continuity

      3:00 shut up you’re not my real dad

    6. Javern Joseph

      And wait Mario is older so Rip muggy Mario shippers.

    7. mtg

      U kicked mario

    8. Heather LeRoy

      Favorite food

    9. Jaydensokool15

      when you met mario the first time

    10. connerd64

      WTF is this non-SMG4 thing?!

    11. Aneysha Torres

      Meggy do you know Frday Night funkin SMG4 Mario eat that i 👁👄👁

    12. Napstablook22 Reserved

      7:16 he's more than a brother... More like a... Lover~...( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    13. Gta5Youtuber

      meggy is mario annoying

    14. Leon Chacon

      The Cipher: I'm sure your cat is already dead when you get back home Meggy.

    15. Diamond Eagle

      i was eating during this and it almost made me throw up 8:10

    16. Triple B Wellman

      Hi Meggy My question is What if you marry Mario

    17. Edite Vilne

      Nice. Channel

    18. PLAYER4

      9:52 I- ... . . . uh wha-

      1. Javern Joseph

        Da fuq

    19. PLAYER4

      8:41 thx for editing that

    20. Spring Bonnie

      Question for Meggy, do you have any actual siblings? Like, any brothers or sisters?

    21. riku rhodes

      hello meggy i am riku rhodes you make my day awsome when i see you

    22. toby10 evile

      me:My Question is when are you returning to smg4

    23. ScoobyBoy

      How does meggy feel like ever sens desti died

    24. Bruno Rueda

      8:40 😂

    25. Jace Cox

      6.22 *its the panzer eilt never dafet ghost Davison*

    26. Jace Cox

      One question what your apinean on ghost davisin

    27. maria aliaga

      Meggy say Mario Yahoo yaayayayho of the blj

    28. Louis_Fallout 76


    29. Just Reace

      When she Said fuuuuc

    30. Just Reace

      Mario cally doody

    31. Legendary Godzilla Martinez


    32. Gamer Gamer


    33. НеДоСтратег AOC2


    34. Bryan Guerra


    35. criscojozo

      hi meggy

    36. Gauge Pinkston

      Meggy says she don't swear but I heard her say ass in 1 of the arks....mario love BEEG ol ass

    37. Sire Death

      5:52 I DIEEEED

    38. Minilla 2004

      Wait dindt Splatoon 1 came Out 2016 And *ALL* inklings (including Meggy) where 16? Doesnt It mean shes 21?

    39. Jamie Lovell

      7:16 welp this will be a fun future of chaos (I hope mario adopts meggy)

    40. jay quickblade

      I decided to search meggy just for the sack of curiosity(don't worry already desensitized too the internets weird crap) and... It is actually mostly alright

    41. Brenda Tolley

      why is mario so dumb

    42. Kristy Brown

      Meggy was born in 2002!?

      1. Kristy Brown

        Or was she born on 2003?

    43. Riccardo Micallo


    44. Dr. Tex

      How did the Ink Zuccer do what it did? Would it have done the same to all Inklings? Inklings are ONLY ink, so to take it away would leave nothing. How would it turn one into a hooman?

    45. Dr. Tex

      Sephiroth: *Kills Desti* Also Sephiroth: *Gets in Smash* Meggy: Tari, we don’t need to try out the new character.....

    46. jaden

      What a lady skin

    47. Nora The OwO

      Meggy is a cat

    48. MediaDutchMLGBOI06Editor999 HD

      Will Splatfest Continue!?

    49. Arnold Hubbard

      Would squid ink pasta be gross to her?

    50. Joran Vandorpe

      are you and mario in love


      why do you ware googles

    52. susan hauk

      Hey Maggie I have a question how do you guys make your shows

    53. pheonix _

      is meggy now an e-girl

    54. Roxanna Romero

      What about "do you know ever inkling but if you dont or you do pls say do you know vicvillon shes a youtuber thats an inkling"

    55. KepLOL

      What scares me is that apperantly mario is 23 and meggy is 19 ..... GOD STOP IT NO. NO. GET BACK IN THE BASEMENT SHIPPERS. THE POWER OF CHRIST COMPELS-

      1. Theodore Gamer

        I thought mario was in his 40s by now

    56. super derek

      How did the judges how did you get back in the game

    57. Hazza Mcmissile

      Haha I'm 5,3 😄

    58. Lone_Wolf Games

      How old is meggy

    59. sonicwhacker65

      They should put do you love mario

    60. Plush boy 200

      7:16 I don’t care what universe your from that’s gotta hurt

    61. Amos Grant

      Mario is dumb

    62. Amos Grant

      Do you listen to my b**** song

    63. E.E.D 9002

      pls make that whit mario!!!

    64. Shane BOOMX


    65. anthony yael

      Meggy i love you

    66. Just Existing

      I may be late for a question but how did she get a drivers license

    67. Jose SMITH

      What is the song when Meggy is sad about Sephiroth

    68. glichtytube 2

      Why does Meggy have no ears

    69. Harry’s Trainz

      I agree with you meggy BEEG SMG4 GANG IN THE HOUSE I love beeg smg4 he is a cute chubs


      Im afraid😬

    71. ADLY ZAFRAN TAUFIK Taufik2a

      meggy is real???

    72. I want Australians to shut down PETA

      If only I had a reddit account

    73. Max Guanzing

      "I’m not sad all the time, only about 30% of the time. 40. 50 *silent moment* *60* -Meggy. 3:32 Edit: Dont mind the edit because I had to fix some of the words- Edit 2: Two likes is good enough for me- What would be the word that SMG4 would not let me to say the most?.. 8:31 Hmm.. how about FUU- *bonk by SMG4*

    74. Landon Sumpter

      What’s the stupidest thing you’ve ever done? Muggy:Become friends with Mario Me:Why am I so so not surprised by that answer that I predicted she’d say that?

    75. Raz the Great

      What’s with the new style to Meggy?

    76. Master Gamer Guy

      if you saw the thumbnail, you know Smg4 knows how to clickbait his fans... at least some of them

    77. Tete Animation

      Meggy u love axol or mario?

    78. Corey Collins

      yo meggy can you look at starcream in urban dictionary and see how you react to it

    79. OctoInklin

      Meggy: *I don’t swear this is a Christian Minecraft Server* Past Meggy: *Kick their asses!* Everyone: *That makes sense to me!*

    80. Stefanie Perry

      8:42 F*** *technical difficulties*

    81. Funnymation

      Smg4: you don’t look cool meggie. Meggie: your not my dad. Smg4: well guess what I’m adopting you. Meggie: what!?!!??!?!

      1. Max Guanzing

        @Funnymation Good point tho

      2. Funnymation

        @Max Guanzing so idk who is right

      3. Funnymation

        You do know that people can get adopted even if they still have parents

      4. Max Guanzing

        Meggy just said that she has both of her parents alive so HOW CAN SHE BECOME ADOPTED WHEN HER PARENTS ARE STILL ALIVE-

    82. Burning Dropkick

      My question does meggy have cancer And they say laughter is the best medicine not for cancer tho

    83. Ryan Walling

      you still want you ice cream

    84. Ryan Walling


    85. Ryan Walling


    86. MAX MAG

      I like Voice Meggy!!!😍😄👍

    87. Sharky PlayzYT

      bro if meggy is 5'2 I am taller than her. *Shortie*

    88. The Icy Bros Show

      6:25 Literally right when she blew up, *an ad played*

    89. Mario Jerry Vazquez

      Meggy and Mario, both of them they do get along very well... That's was awesome.👍 Poor Luigi, he has to go through allot of shit with Mario and SMG4. I don't think Bendy wouldn't do such stupidity like Mario does. But I think Bendy has something good for Mario. Because look at them, both of them, they do get along great too.👍 Mario and Bendy are Best Friends. One thing that I didn't expected Bendy literally did sacrifice to safe Mario life. Seriously that's was harsh, I think Bendy does care about Mario allot. I not sure if Meggy met Bendy?- (Mario's BFF) "Meggy" I'm curious... What do you think about "Bendy" and the Ink Machine?

    90. Reagile Ramodike

      Meggy can you please play roblox

    91. 大哥

      So you went in water as an inkling you die right?

    92. Omari Poulson

      I Am Meggy’s Biggest Fan, I Just Wanted To Ask: What Was It Like One Minute Being A Splatfest Champion & The Next Minute Being Able To Finally Talk In English And Having An Adventure Of Your Own? Anyway, To Meggy, I Can’t Wait For Your Episodes On Sunset Paradise. Stay Cool!

      1. Daniel Gaming

        Me too

    93. Mineturtle

      Meggy: I just look good with the headphone and goggles Me: Must be good stats then

    94. Lonetta Mowdy

      Can't she be part of the squid beak splatoon

    95. 1010moonwolf

      I'm 4.11 Sooo I'm a elf that makes cookies in a tree

    96. Jose U


    97. Windy Wijaya

      do you laugh when mario say lets go to bowser castle?

    98. Xander Rivera

      I love splatoon2! I always wanted it!